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Exploring layout

An effective layout can also have character. Discover how Shrine, a retail app, arranges products in a playful, unconventional grid.

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Gallery: sharing work made easier Gallery: sharing work made easier

Gallery: sharing work made easier

Learn about Material Gallery – a collaboration tool for sharing, uploading, and presenting design iterations, as well as giving developers the information they need to implement components.

Material partner studies Material partner studies
Brand collection

Material partner studies

Learn how apps like Lyft, Genius, NPR, Pocket Casts, and Zappos bring Material’s new expressive capabilities to life.

How Google created a custom Material theme How Google created a custom Material theme
Brand Collection

How Google created a custom Material theme

Product teams from Gmail, Google News, Google Play, and Google Home detail how Material Theming creates a cohesive, branded experience — and a roadmap for future redesigns.


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