Get information on a specific Material subject or process with these curated collections of articles, videos, tutorials, and tools to jumpstart your design and development.

Explore Google I/O 2018

Get an overview of all of Material’s announcements from Google I/O and watch our curated collection of design-related session videos.

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Express your brand

Adapt Material to your brand with help from a video guide to customization, product case studies, and a video intro to the Material Theme Editor.

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Dive into color

Generate custom color palettes, download hues, explore examples, and check the accessibility contrast of your scheme with the Color Tool.

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Simplify your workflow

Streamline your team’s design and development process with downloads and video introductions to the Material Theme Editor, Gallery, and more.

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Developer tutorials

Start implementing Material Components with these hands-on lessons covering everything from adding a single button to completing the build of a full app.

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Additional Google specs

Find guidance and best practices on designing user interfaces for platforms including Android Auto, Cardboard, and Wear OS.

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