From guidelines to tools and code, Material makes it easy for teams to build beautiful, usable products – fast. Here’s a collection of articles, videos, and tools to help fuel your work from inspiration through finished product.


New to Material or need a quick refresher? See the principles that shape the design system.

Material studies

Get inspired by seeing the Material system in action. These example apps showcase UI best practices, theming, and components.

Material Theme Editor

Make your own Material theme and create a branded symbol library by applying style changes to color, shape, and typography.

Create your own Material theme

Learn how to use the Material Theme Editor to customize components and create your own branded symbol library.


Upload, share, and present design iterations in Gallery, as well as use Inspect Mode to access developer documentation.

Collaborate and share designs

Get a video tour of Gallery and learn how to upload, share, and present designs. Then dive into Inspect Mode.

System icons

System icons symbolize common actions, files, devices, and directories. Each icon is reduced to its minimal form, expressing essential characteristics.

The type system

Use typography to present your design and content as clearly and efficiently as possible.