Build beautiful, usable products using Material Components for Android.

How to use Material Components for Android How to use Material Components for Android

How to use Material Components for Android

Whether new or legacy, Layout Editor or code, Kotlin or Java—learn how easy it is to use Material Components in your app.

Bottom navigation Bottom navigation

Bottom navigation

Bottom navigation bars make it easy to explore and switch between top-level content views.

What’s New

The latest Material Components, tutorials, and documentation for Android.

APR 14, 2018

Color subsystem

Create a color scheme that reflects your brand or style.

APR 02, 2018

Bottom app bar

A bottom app bar displays navigation and key actions at the bottom of mobile screens.

MAR 24, 2018

Material button

A customizable button component with updated visual styles.

Developer resources

Enhance your engineering workflow with Material Components and documentation.

Tab layout Tab layout

Tab layout

Tab layout provides a horizontal layout to display tabs and handles interactions including: scrolling behavior, swipe gestures, tab selection, and more.

Text fields Text fields

Text fields

Text fields are easy to implement in your Material layouts and allow users to input, edit, and select text.