Material Design

Building From the Latest Source

If you’ll be contributing to the library, or need a version newer than what has been released, Material Components for Android can also be built from source. To do so:

Clone the repository:

git clone

Then, build the library’s AARs using Gradle:

./gradlew uploadArchives -PmavenRepoUrl="file://localhost/<path_to_aars>"

This will output AARs and Maven artifacts for each of the library’s modules to the path on your machine, e.g., $HOME/Desktop/material_aars.

To use the AARs in your app locally, copy the output from your AAR directory into your local Maven repository (~/.m2/repository). Then add mavenLocal() as a repository in your project’s top-level build.gradle file. Finally, add the Design Library dependency as you would normally, using the version specified as mdcLibraryVersion in the library’s top-level build.gradle file.