@interface MDCFlatButton : MDCButton

A flat MDCButton.

Flat buttons should be considered the default button. They do not have their own background color, do not raise when touched, and have uppercased text to indicate to the user that they are buttons. Flat buttons should be used in most situations requiring a button. For layouts with many UI elements in which a flat button might get visually lost, consider using a MDCRaisedButton instead.


This class will be deprecated soon. Consider using @c MDCTextButtonThemer with an @c MDCButton instead.

  • Use an opaque background color (default is NO).

    Flat buttons normally have a transparent background and blend seamlessly with their underlying color, but occasionally a flat button with an opaque background will be required. Consider using a raised button instead if possible.



    @property (nonatomic, assign, unsafe_unretained, readwrite)
        BOOL hasOpaqueBackground;