@interface MDCTextInputControllerFullWidth : NSObject <MDCTextInputController>

Material Design compliant text field for full width applications like email forms.

NOTE: This class does not inherit from MDCTextInputControllerBase. It does not have a floating placeholder.

The placeholder is laid out inline and the character count is also inline to the trailing side.


Active Color - Blue A700

Border Fill Color - Clear Border Stroke Color - Clear

Disabled Color = [UIColor lightGrayColor]

Error Color - Red A400

Floating Placeholder Color Active - Blue A700 Floating Placeholder Color Normal - Black, 54% opacity

Inline Placeholder Color - Black, 54% opacity

Leading Underline Label Text Color - Black, 54% opacity

Normal Color - Black, 54% opacity

Rounded Corners - None

Trailing Underline Label Text Color - Black, 54% opacity

Underline Height Active - 0p Underline Height Normal - 0p

Underline View Mode - While editing

  • Color for background for the various views making up a text field.

    Default is backgroundColorDefault.



    @property (nonatomic, strong, readwrite, null_resettable)
        UIColor *backgroundColor;
  • Default value for backgroundColor.



    @property (class, nonatomic, strong, readwrite, null_resettable)
        UIColor *backgroundColorDefault;