Material Design

Build environment

Material Components for iOS builds with the standard open-source iOS toolchain: Xcode and CocoaPods. However, there are certain settings that you can use to maximize compatibility with our source.

Xcode warning settings

Deprecation warnings are an important part of how we communicate upcoming changes to the library; they are enabled by default in typical Xcode and CocoaPods projects.

If your project doesn’t already specify these warnings, include the following flags in your build:


If you treat warnings as errors (-Werror or “Treat warnings as errors” in Xcode), then you should exclude deprecation warnings from being treated as errors to allow the normal deprecation process to work:


Supported versions


The core team tests against Xcode 10.0 and Swift 3.2. Swift 4 support is added whenever possible and will be the standard when Xcode 8 support is dropped.


Our components currently support iOS 9.0 and up.


We are using CocoaPods 1.6.1.


The core team uses Ruby 2.0.0. Newer versions of ruby have subtle modifications that affect our Podfile.lock output.