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Select Icon

Icons describe the type of input a select requires. They can also be interaction targets.

Design & API Documentation

Basic Usage

HTML Structure

<i class="material-icons mdc-select__icon" tabindex="0" role="button">event</i>

Icon Set

We recommend using Material Icons from Google Fonts:

  <link rel="stylesheet" href="">

However, you can also use SVG, Font Awesome, or any other icon library you wish.


@import "@material/select/icon/mdc-select-icon";

JavaScript Instantiation

import {MDCSelectIcon} from '@material/select/icon';

const icon = new MDCSelectIcon(document.querySelector('.mdc-select__icon'));


Leading icons can be applied to default or mdc-select--outlined Selects. To add an icon, add the relevant class (mdc-select--with-leading-icon and/or mdc-select--with-trailing-icon) to the root element, add an i element with your preferred icon, and give it a class of mdc-select__icon.

NOTE: if you would like to display un-clickable icons, simply omit tabindex="0" and role="button", and the CSS will ensure the cursor is set to default, and that interacting with an icon doesn’t do anything unexpected.

Leading icon

In select:

<div class="mdc-select mdc-select--with-leading-icon">
  <i class="material-icons mdc-select__icon" tabindex="0" role="button">event</i>
  <!-- The rest of the select markup. -->

In outlined select:

<div class="mdc-select mdc-select--outlined mdc-select--with-leading-icon">
  <i class="material-icons mdc-select__icon" tabindex="0" role="button">event</i>
  <!-- The rest of the select markup. -->

Style Customization

CSS Classes

CSS Class Description
mdc-select__icon Mandatory.

Sass Mixins

Mixin Description
mdc-select-icon-color($color) Customizes the color for the leading icon.

MDCSelectIcon Properties and Methods

Property Value Type Description
foundation MDCSelectIconFoundation Returns the icon’s foundation. This allows the parent MDCSelect component to access the public methods on the MDCSelectIconFoundation class.

Usage Within Frameworks

If you are using a JavaScript framework, such as React or Angular, you can create a Select Icon for your framework. Depending on your needs, you can use the Simple Approach: Wrapping MDC Web Vanilla Components, or the Advanced Approach: Using Foundations and Adapters. Please follow the instructions here.


Method Signature Description
getAttr(attr: string) => string Gets the value of an attribute on the icon element.
setAttr(attr: string, value: string) => void Sets an attribute with a given value on the icon element.
removeAttr(attr: string) => void Removes an attribute from the icon element.
setContent(content: string) => void Sets the text content of the icon element.
registerInteractionHandler(evtType: string, handler: EventListener) => void Registers an event listener for a given event.
deregisterInteractionHandler(evtType: string, handler: EventListener) => void Deregisters an event listener for a given event.
notifyIconAction() => void Emits a custom event “MDCSelect:icon” denoting a user has clicked the icon, which bubbles to the top-level select element.


Method Signature Description
setDisabled(disabled: boolean) => void Updates the icon’s disabled state.
setAriaLabel(label: string) => void Updates the icon’s aria-label.
setContent(content: string) => void Updates the icon’s text content.
handleInteraction(evt: Event) => void Handles a select interaction event.