Material Design


Material Design’s text sizes and styles were developed to balance content density and reading comfort under typical usage conditions.

MDC Typography is a foundational module that applies these styles to MDC Web components. The typographic styles in this module are derived from thirteen styles:

  • Headline 1
  • Headline 2
  • Headline 3
  • Headline 4
  • Headline 5
  • Headline 6
  • Subtitle 1
  • Subtitle 2
  • Body 1
  • Body 2
  • Caption
  • Button
  • Overline

Design & API Documentation


npm install @material/typography

Basic Usage

HTML Structure

We recommend using Roboto from Google Fonts:

  <link href=",400,500" rel="stylesheet">
<body class="mdc-typography">
  <h1 class="mdc-typography--headline1">Big header</h1>


@use "@material/typography/mdc-typography";

Style Customization

CSS Classes

Some components have a set typographic style. For example, a raised MDC Card uses Body 1, Body 2, and Headline styles.

If you want to set the typographic style of an element, which is not a Material Design component, you can apply the following CSS classes.

CSS Class Description
mdc-typography Sets the font to Roboto
mdc-typography--headline1 Sets font properties as Headline 1
mdc-typography--headline2 Sets font properties as Headline 2
mdc-typography--headline3 Sets font properties as Headline 3
mdc-typography--headline4 Sets font properties as Headline 4
mdc-typography--headline5 Sets font properties as Headline 5
mdc-typography--headline6 Sets font properties as Headline 6
mdc-typography--subtitle1 Sets font properties as Subtitle 1
mdc-typography--subtitle2 Sets font properties as Subtitle 2
mdc-typography--body1 Sets font properties as Body 1
mdc-typography--body2 Sets font properties as Body 2
mdc-typography--caption Sets font properties as Caption
mdc-typography--button Sets font properties as Button
mdc-typography--overline Sets font properties as Overline

Sass Variables and Mixins

Mixin Description
base Sets the font to Roboto
mdc-typography($style) Applies one of the typography styles, including setting the font to Roboto
overflow-ellipsis Truncates overflow text to one line with an ellipsis
baseline-top($distance) Sets the baseline height of a text element from top.
baseline-bottom($distance) Sets the distance from text baseline to bottom. This mixin should be combined with baseline-top when setting baseline distance to following text element.

A note about overflow-ellipsis, overflow-ellipsis should only be used if the element is display: block or display: inline-block.

$style Values

These styles can be used as the $style argument for the mdc-typography mixin.

  • headline1
  • headline2
  • headline3
  • headline4
  • headline5
  • headline6
  • subtitle1
  • subtitle2
  • body1
  • body2
  • caption
  • button
  • overline

Overriding Styles

All styles can be overridden using Sass global variables before the component is imported by setting a global variable named $mdc-typography-styles-{style}. The variable should be assigned a map that contains all the properties you want to override for a particular style.

Example: Overriding the button font-size and text-transform properties.

$mdc-typography-styles-button: (
  font-size: 16px,
  text-transform: none,

@use "@material/button/mdc-button";

Example: Overriding the global font-family property.

$mdc-typography-font-family: unquote("Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif");

@use ...

Example: Overriding the font-family property for headline1 and font-family and font-size for headline2.

$mdc-typography-styles-headline1: (
  font-family: unquote("Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif")
$mdc-typography-styles-headline2: (
  font-family: unquote("Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"),
  font-size: 3.25rem

@use ...