Gallery – Easily share, organize, and collaborate on product designs

Gallery is a collaborative tool for uploading design work, getting feedback, and tracking revisions – quickly and efficiently. Optimized for Material, Gallery generates redlines and connects to developer resources for implementing Material Components.

Get Started

Download the Android and iOS apps.

Share work

Share designs from early explorations to final mocks and design specifications

Upload screenshots, sketches, and whiteboarding sessions with the Gallery iOS and Android apps

Quickly invite others to review or collaborate on any design – no email attachment needed

Organize projects

Track revisions so your team is always up to date with the latest design

Organize your work into projects that add context and show off your design

Attach documentation to any Gallery project, giving collaborators the information they need

Search any project by designer

Give feedback

Review designs on the web or on mobile devices using Gallery’s iOS and Android apps

Sign in with your Google account to quickly begin reviewing

Leave comments and capture contextual feedback on any image

Use with the Gallery Plugin

Get started by downloading and installing the Gallery Plugin (requires macOS Sierra 10.12 or later)

Quickly upload and sync Sketch artboards to Gallery collections

Gallery Plugin requires macOS Sierra (10.12) or later.

Download Gallery Plugin

Get started with Gallery or learn more

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