Material Theme Editor has been retired

We’ve decided to retire the Material Theme Editor in order to focus on making even better theming tools. The Material Plugin has been renamed the Gallery Plugin, and will continue to function as a way to upload design files from Sketch directly to Gallery. You can download the plugin here*.

Why shut down the Material Theme Editor? We heard from many users that they wanted theming tools beyond Sketch and MacOS – ones that more easily integrate with existing product designs and processes. Deprecating the Theme Editor lets us redirect resources into creating those tools.

This decision was based on your feedback, so please continue telling us what kinds of support you want and need by tagging us on Twitter or clicking the feedback link in the footer of this page.

For a list of theming resources, check out our announcement post.

*By downloading the Material Plugin, you agree to the Google Terms of Service. Note: The Google Privacy Policy describes how data is handled in this service.