Material tools to simplify your workflow.

Material Theme Editor Material Theme Editor

Material Theme Editor

Make your own Material theme and create a branded symbol library by applying style changes to color, shape, and typography.

Icons Icons


Access five full sets of stylized system icons, available in a range of formats, sizes, and densities.

Gallery Gallery


Share, upload, and present design iterations in Gallery. Then use Inspect Mode to access developer documentation.

Color Tool Color Tool

Color Tool

Create and share color palettes for your UI, and measure the accessibility of any color combination.

What’s new

The latest Material tools and resources.

MAY 07, 2018

Material Theme Editor

Create Material themes and customize many UI components at once.

MAY 06, 2018


Choose from filled, rounded, sharp, outlined, and duo-tone icon styles.

MAY 05, 2018

Gallery – Inspect Mode

Use Inspect Mode during development to get the information needed to implement components.


Keep your projects moving forward with these helpful guides and references.

Dive into color Dive into color
Color collection

Dive into color

Generate custom color palettes, download hues, explore examples, and check the accessibility contrast of your scheme with the Color Tool.

Get device metrics Get device metrics

Get device metrics

A comprehensive resource for sizing, resolution and pixel density across popular devices.

Build for more platforms Build for more platforms
Additional Google specs

Build for more platforms

Find guidance and best practices on designing user interfaces for platforms including Android Auto, Cardboard, and Wear OS.