Patterns for machine learning-powered features

Material Design is introducing design guidelines and patterns for machine learning-powered features, in partnership with ML Kit.

Machine learning (ML) gives computers the ability to make predictions and perform tasks without specific instructions. By identifying patterns in large and complex aggregations of data, machine learning can be applied in a variety of ways, such as searching for information using imagery, personalizing a chat app experience, and identifying music.

ML-powered technology is becoming more accessible through products like ML Kit, which provides API’s for tasks such as object detection and text recognition. These API’s make machine learning an approachable option for integration into products.

As features powered by machine learning affect more product experiences, design patterns can help make these experiences usable, beautiful, and understandable. Material Design has partnered with ML Kit to address how machine learning is applied in visual search. While no single design pattern embodies the potential of this technology, visual search provides an opportunity for design guidance to help users understand how to best interact with ML technology.